Alison welcomes all visitors to her art website. The works that can be viewed within this site are a reflection of some of the work that Alison has done over a number of years.

Her style has grown over the years, as has the style of abstract art in general. Abstract art globally is now a far more recognised and appreciated form of art, preferred by many to the traditional art forms. Abstract art enables the artist as much artistic freedom as they want to express themselves, and Alison is becoming much more aware of this practice herself. She enjoys the fact that she can be as liberal with often uncharacteristic use of colours and styles as she wants.

Alison’s educational background consists of nursing and midwifery registration, diploma of horticulture and an advanced diploma of business. Her landscape design is over 25 years since registration, with Alison designing gardens for at least 40 years by word of mouth. Design is integral to Alison’s existence.

Her artistic style is mood inclined. Some is controlled construction, while other works are very gestural in their appearance. She is mindful of viewers looking at a painters work and thinking “this is a ……. piece”. Alison is far too impatient to settle on any niche style – this is not her nature. She needs to keep moving with her work, constantly experimenting with ideasĀ  colours, theories.

In all of Alison’s work, through her different life experiences, Alison is extremely focussed and determined to be seen as a leader in each field. She is a leading authority on sustainable landscape design, substantiated with significant landscape industry awards in 2 states. Her next quest is as an abstract artist. To become a noted one.