About: Abstract Art by Alison Aplin

Alison is a multi-award winning contemporary designer – of sustainable gardens. But Alison uses those same design skills with her paintings. Abstract art is effectively all about design.

All of her different mediums, from landscape design to mosaic, sculpture and her abstract art, all clearly show her passion for design. As an antagonist, Alison tests the boundaries in all of her designing roles, by ignoring many of the elemental principles of design. This enables very different work to be produced.

As a specialist sustainable landscape designer with Timandra Design & Landscaping, Alison uses her design skills from designing gardens into her totally exciting abstract works. Many of her artworks show wabi sabi or the love of imperfection.

Her pieces are bold and colourful; many are big; perfect for large bare walls in modern homes. More recent works are on quality paper, using collage and various mediums and are framed with quality timbers. All works use quality paints and bases, with framed works using quality timber. Alison’s adage is that if you are going to focus on quality, the base materials have to be quality as well.

Customised work can be considered to work in with existing colour schemes and style/patterns, but never a work from a photo – this limits imagination! Please phone Alison on 0418 825 625 for a discussion about this.

Balance is critical to the finished product, be it a garden or a piece of art work.

If you are looking for modern art using the best, professional products, then Alison’s work is worthy of consideration. You will receive a notice of authentication for the work that you purchase. 

Alison was recently invited to become part of the Singulart community for artisans. This is an international community of artists set in Paris and is a highly professional site for both artists and collectors. It is such a thrill to be part of this community of high-quality artists. My own page on Singulart ishttps://www.singulart.com/en/artist/alison-aplin-28297

Alison has found herself on the international art circuit. She will have actual work exhibited at the Paris Contemporary Art Fair, in collaboration with the Van Gogh Art Gallery in September. Another exhibition, this time virtual, will be held in Crete with the Kreta Event, in October. She has had two virtual exhibitions with the MADS Gallery in Milan, the first to coincide with the Milan Fashion Festival.

In mid September ’21 Alison will have a Solo Exhibition at the Julia Street Creative Centre in Portland. This will run for 4 weeks.

The year to date 2021 has been an exciting year for Alison as it has increased the awareness quite considerably of Alison’s abstract art. And this is art that is creating a lot of interest, because it most definitely has that much needed ‘point of difference’. Her prices indicate the considerable difference of her work and also the fact that most of her artworks use a range of expensive products, including a range of oils and associated mediums. Her canvasses are often large, so the price has to be reflective of these conditions.