About: Abstract Art by Alison Aplin

ABN: 79 199 147 223

Alison is a multi-award winning contemporary designer – of sustainable gardens. But Alison uses those same design skills with her paintings. Abstract art is effectively all about design.

All of her different mediums, from landscape design to mosaic, sculpture and her abstract art, all clearly show her passion for design. As an antagonist, Alison tests the boundaries in all of her designing roles, by ignoring many of the elemental principles of design. This enables very different work to be produced.

As a specialist sustainable landscape designer with Timandra Design & Landscaping, Alison uses her design skills from designing gardens into her totally exciting abstract works. Many of her artworks show wabi sabi or the love of imperfection.

Her pieces are bold and colourful; many are big; perfect for large bare walls in modern homes. More recent works are on quality paper, using collage and various mediums and are framed with quality timbers. All works use quality paints and bases, with framed works using quality timber. Alison’s adage is that if you are going to focus on quality, the base materials have to be quality as well.

Alison is a registered member of IAVA (International Association of Visual Artists)

Alison was  invited to become part of the Singulart community for artisans. This is an international community of artists set in Paris and is a highly professional site for both artists and collectors. Her profile on Singulart ishttps://www.singulart.com/en/artist/alison-aplin-28297

Alison has found herself on the international art circuit. Current CV for your interest: Curriculum Vitae 20.2.22


Once hampered by the ‘oldie’ title, I now eagerly embrace this title, as age depicts a life lived and experiences learned.

Currently I work as the designer in my highly awarded design and landscaping business, tho’ am soon to retire. As a self-taught artist, I have used these design skills to artfully create true, expressionist abstract artworks. Colour, I believe, is a strong point, while the juxtaposition of shapes and lines, often geometric, enhance the movement within every work. Depth is essential in most of my works, which would have to be called maximalism, because of the level of layering showing earlier layers through transparent paints. My mediums are most often mixed, finishing with oils.

Living in regional Victoria, Australia, I have been actively painting since 2008, having loved modern art since childhood. My work has found favour internationally, through especially Singulart, since April ’21, and exhibitions with various large galleries in Spain. Flatspace in UK is also sponsoring my work internationally.

I am very aware in both my landscape design business and my art, that in nature, nothing is perfect, so I follow the tradition at all times of the wabi-sabi way of viewing and creating works of art. With this knowledge comes an enormous appreciation for things that look different, lines that don’t quite line up, squares that are imperfect……crude works in fact. As my practice grows, my work becomes less refined which many find enormously satisfying to view. I continue to learn my craft through constant practice; creating art that is immensely satisfying to the soul.